Business English for Professionals

In business, many can use English in everyday situations. Few can influence, lead or inspire. And this is the very fundament of business. 

Business English for companies and individuals:

Individual and group training by online platforms such as - Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams

Level of English:

From intermediate to advanced level (B1 - C2 according to CEF - Common European Framework).

The aim of the course is to master the Business English language skills (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) i.e. skills allowing for free communication in a business environment such as business meetings, presentations, negotiations, business trips, and business correspondence.

Language training as a teaching method - train your English

Language training is an effective method of deepening and developing your language skills, it is aimed primarily at people with intermediate language skills (B1 level) or with advanced language skills (B2 - C2 levels according to CEF - Common European Framework).

The variety of language materials

Contrary to standard teaching methods, where learning is often based only on a textbook in language training, the teacher selects from a wide range of language materials those that will best complement the linguistic knowledge of the student. The materials used are: textbooks, multimedia materials with recordings and films, thematic articles (Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, Washington Post,  London Business School, etc.), and a variety of inspiring videos available from

Learning based on client's interests - discover previously undiscovered knowledge in English

When selecting materials, the trainer is guided by the interests or specialization of the client's work, so as to show that the goal should not be learning a language itself. The goal should be to have the skill to process and consume the knowledge which is available in English.